About Us

Shandong XuanHong Bio-pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd was founded in 2015 and located in the High-tech Zone of Jinan in Shandong. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise focusing on research, production and sales of  key pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, biomedical products, new materials and fine chemicals. In addition to its core lines of business, the company is also committed to innovative research on frontiers of medicine for Cancer and Alzheimer's disease. XuanHong adheres to the operational concepts of being "people-oriented as its philosophy, innovation in its spirit, high quality as its outcome, and customer satisfaction at its forefront". Along with associates and colleagues from varying backgrounds, it has been highly effective in pursuing its goals of joint market-expansion, reciprocity and mutual advancement, and the establishment of a foundation for a better future. As a result, despite fierce market competition, Company has won the trust of customers and has established a strong and recognizable corporate brand in the market place.


The company has an array of experienced doctorate-returnee-lead marketing and technical teams. Currently, the company has 55 employees; 4 of which have graduated with doctorates, 10 with masters, and more than 90% of its professional technicians attained bachelor's degrees and above. company has a wide range of cooperative relationships with scientific research institutions and Universities such as UP, Queen's, CAS, and TJU, amongst many others. These resources serve as a key mechanistic advantage for the competitive capacity of XuanHong in the field of pharmaceutical and chemical research and production. The company's leading talent has seen a variety of achievements; most notably including the selection into the "5150 Talent Multiplication Plan of Jinan City”, the technological entrepreneurship project of “Taishan Industrial Leading Talent” in Shandong Province, as well as holding honorary titles of “Spring City Special Expert” and “National Foreign Expert”.


The company has a technology R & D center and a production and manufacturing base. It is equipped with high-end R & D quality control equipment such as high-performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, automatic polarimeter, constant temperature and humidity box, and a multi-functional production workshop, which can meet the needs of customers in various quality levels and scales.

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