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Erdos coal chemical base: strive to achieve the "three 1000" goals

In 2016 the road project of coal chemical industry base Ordos harvest, soft and hard environment of continuous improvement, to achieve safe accident, continue to strengthen environmental protection work, social undertakings and Party building work and achieved gratifying results, to achieve a "good start" in 13th Five-Year, what is the development of the main targets of economic work and future goals this year?

Gao Huaijing: this year's economic work in the main targets: investment in fixed assets 15 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 8.9%, the GDP of 21 billion yuan, an increase of 7.8%, total industrial output value of 46 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 7.8%, sales revenue 46 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 7.6%, tax revenue 4 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 7.8%. In the future, the development goal will be to carry out the "five major development concepts" and to cultivate the modern coal chemical industry cluster. "13th Five-Year" at the end, and strive to achieve the "three 1000" target, namely the completion of investment in fixed assets over 100 billion yuan, the yield of coal chemical products over 10 million tons, sales revenue of over 100 billion yuan of Industrial Park, construction of the park will become a national industrial park, become hubaoe development in the important economic growth pole.

Reporter: what tasks and challenges are faced with the current development?

Gao Huaijing: first, the competition between the parks will be more intense. The Helingeer autonomous region will strive to create a national district, Hohhot municipal government and the district proposed the start is a decisive battle, start is sprint "slogan," polarization effect "will bring us various elements of competitive pressure may lead to homogeneous competition, I have already felt the pressure of competition project competition.

Two is the major project of the park has approved, will soon start the construction, demolition, infrastructure construction, improve the supporting services, various types of procedures for construction, safety supervision and other heavy work in front of us, will bring great pressure to our work, the various departments and the broad cadre is ready, can provide high quality and efficient service for the enterprise, allow enterprises to put into effect as soon as possible, has become a major task in front of us.

Reporter: in order to build the park into a national industrial park, Erdos road coal chemical base intends to do?

Gao Huaijing: first, this year should be included in the National Development Zone audit notice catalog, access to the Autonomous Region People's Government approved the document objectives. Timely start the state-level development zone declaration procedures for "13th Five-Year" at the end of the approved national industrial park.

The two is to rely on the Park 9 above the regional level enterprise development platform and Key Laboratory, fully carry out scientific and technological research and development, the technological means of lowering the quality and efficiency, focus on coal chemical industry technology demonstration, large-scale applications, terminal products, research and development and breakthrough technology, extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain. Formulate corresponding policies to support and reward technological R & D and breakthroughs, and build a scientific and technological innovation platform in a timely manner, and strive to build a science and technology innovation park.

Three is to always hold the bottom line of security and lifeline, strictly control the implementation of the policy, to the most stringent management of equipment, the most advanced technology, the most efficient operation mechanism, to promote the standardization of construction, and the introduction of standardized third party supervision, to ensure the safety of production management always walk in the forefront of the whole area, construction has become one of the most secure park.

The four is to adhere to the win-win situation of environmental protection and development, promote green development, intensive development, cycle development and clean development, and constantly improve the land output rate, to ensure that the energy consumption per unit of GDP, the yuan industrial added value of water continued to decline, to strengthen monitoring, implementation of pollutant discharge standards, strengthen the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, to ensure continuous improvement of air quality Park, the living environment of continuous improvement.

Reporter: this year, the park proposed to identify the location, clear objectives, and promote the project, and strive to build "call package Hubei" coordinated development of the important economic growth pole, which will focus on what aspects of work?

Gao Huaijing: first, to plan the project to promote the industry, to accelerate industrial projects, coal oil industry, coal industry, coal industry, alcohol, fertilizer and coal to olefins industry, coal gas, coal ash and aluminum recycling industry, environmental protection industry development. Around the extension of industrial chain, and actively promote investment, focusing on coal chemical, along the alcohol, aromatics, benzene and ether direction of the downstream extension of the industrial chain for investment, focus on the introduction of a number of construction chain, strong chain repair chain project. Play the leading role of leading enterprises in Industrial Park, focusing on the introduction of a number of related enterprises and terminal products manufacturing enterprises, and focus on the development of fine chemical industry, high value-added downstream industries for investment, establish and perfect the industrial park planning a major project repository, completed a number of efforts to form, construction of a group, reserve a plan the number of good posture.

At the same time to grasp the safety production standardization, strengthen production safety the main responsibility for the implementation of the establishment of enterprise to troubleshoot problems timely input reporting mechanism, strengthen law enforcement of production safety, enhance the level of safety supervision.

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