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In May 12th, Tianjin Daxing chemical glycol quotation, the domestic market is weak

In May 12th, Tianjin Daxing Chemical Trade Co. Ltd. glycol high quality vehicle tax 5550 yuan, 98% ethylene glycol industry, vehicle tax net price 4300 yuan. Content 91%, colorless micro taste, vehicle tax free 3300 yuan, 90% ethylene glycol vehicle tax free 3400 yuan, including national free delivery fee, Beijing, Tianjin region vehicle tax free, 3200, including delivery fees.

Ethylene glycol: yesterday, domestic glycol weak mainly, East China market discussion atmosphere still can, offer low, mostly clinch a deal, Southern China spot cash tight, and clinch a deal worse. Outside, EIA crude oil inventories fell to a five month high, breaking 5 U.S. oil back to 4 times, the commodity is weak, coupled with the impact of domestic "The Belt and Road" meeting, the traffic and transportation control in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, to a certain extent affected the supply and output of the surrounding area. Downstream production and marketing in general, digestive capacity is not strong. Traders pessimistic mentality, short strength. Yesterday, the domestic spot market of East China ethylene glycol talks to 5620-5670 yuan / ton, Southern China to discuss the market to 5750-5850 yuan / ton around to dollar spot in about US $660-670 / ton. According to Longzhong information expected short-term volatility of ethylene glycol.

May 12th: morning, Huaxi electronic Gaokaidizou, Jiangsu ethylene glycol market atmosphere deserted, the current spot / quasi spot mainstream offer little bid in 5660 yuan / ton; 5 month futures offer 5700-5750 yuan / ton, 5600 yuan bid in 6 yuan / ton; month futures offer in 5700 yuan / ton, bid at 5600-5650 yuan / ton.

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