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2,6-Dioxopiperidine-3-ammonium chloride

  • CAS No24666-56-6
  • Molecular weight164.59016
  • Molecular formulaC5H9ClN2O2

Product Name:2,6-Dioxopiperidine-3-ammonium chlorideCAS No:24666-56-6Apperance:White or almost white powderPurity:>99.0%Storage Conditions:Preserve in sealed, cool and dry conditionData Suppor

Product Name:2,6-Dioxopiperidine-3-ammonium chloride

CAS No:24666-56-6

ApperanceWhite or almost white powder


Storage Conditions:Preserve in sealed, cool and dry condition

Data Support:Provide HPLC,Residual solvents,GC

Package:Packing at the customer's request

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